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    Senior business and policy figures call for ‘just and inclusive’ global energy transition

    Published On: 31 October 2022

    Prudential Group CEO Mark FitzPatrick was joined by officials from the UK and Vietnam to discuss an essential new report by the insurer

    The need to ensure a fair and equitable global energy transition – which recognises the challenges facing emerging economies – was central to an Asia House briefing with senior business and policy figures on 26 October.

    Mark FitzPatrick, Group CEO, Prudential, was joined by UK COP26 Envoy John Murton and Vietnam’s Ambassador to the UK, Nguyen Hoang Long, for a roundtable discussion convened to launch a new policy paper by Prudential.

    Chaired by Asia House Chief Executive Michael Lawrence, the discussion explored Prudential’s new report, ‘Supporting a Just and Inclusive Transition’, which highlights the obstacles facing emerging markets in their shift towards low carbon economies, and how these transitions can be managed.

    Speaking to leading industry figures at Asia House’s London HQ, FitzPatrick outlined the key aspects of the report, emphasising the importance of engagement, awareness raising, and creative solutions in meeting the challenges faced by emerging markets.

    Vietnam’s experience in moving towards net zero was outlined by Ambassador Long, who gave an overview of the country’s climate commitments and energy masterplan. The Ambassador also discussed new opportunities emerging globally through the green revolution.

    John Murton, the UK’s COP26 Envoy, shared his insights from working closely with emerging economies on their energy transitions, and highlighted the unique challenges they face. The need to support communities as they shift towards more sustainable energy mixes was also explored by the Envoy.

    Members of Asia House’s global network joined the briefing, with a range of questions put to the panel from around the table.

    Topics raised included investors’ approaches to sustainable finance; the prospect of a global green taxonomy; and the importance of adaptation and resilience in the climate equation. The best ways to drive engagement to secure a just and inclusive transition was also discussed in the off-the-record briefing, which gave attendees unique insights into this critical global issue.

    View Prudential’s report, ‘Supporting a Just and Inclusive Transition’ here

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