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    UK Ambassador to Thailand provides update on Thai politics and economy

    Published On: 8 October 2020

    Asia House Corporate Members received an update on Thailand’s political and economic landscape this morning (8 Oct) during an off-the-record briefing with the UK Ambassador to Thailand, Brian Davidson.

    Speaking from Bangkok, the Ambassador outlined recent developments in Thai politics and the factors driving them, and gave an assessment of the country’s economic prospects amid the challenges posed by COVID-19 and the pre-existing trend of sluggish global growth.

    Asia House Corporate Members joined the discussion from around the world, with the Ambassador taking a wide range of questions, including government policy on tax and e-commerce; the role UK companies can play in Thailand’s education sector; and how COVID-19 has affected Thailand’s relationship with China.

    The perception of CPTPP in Thailand was also discussed.

    The briefing was convened exclusively for Asia House Corporate Members. Find out more about Corporate Membership at Asia House.

    UK trade in Asia will be explored by Greg Hands, Minister of State for Trade Policy, during an Asia House briefing on 15 October.