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  • Driving commercial and political engagement between Asia, the Middle East and Europe

    Sustainability and the global economy

    Amid global efforts to tackle climate change, the effective management of natural resources and energy production will be a decisive factor in determining whether an economy achieves sustainable growth, productivity and development, or stays trapped in resource-dependence, with greater vulnerability to economic shocks and environmental disasters.

    Asia House is actively exploring this shared global challenge, and the sustainability trends emerging across Asia and the Middle East.

    Our research on sustainability and the global economy feeds into the Asia House COP26 Programme – a series of briefings, public events and research activity exploring the business and policy response to climate change ahead of the major summit in Glasgow in November 2021.

    Key themes we are exploring


    • Climate policy
      We are researching how best to facilitate private-sector practices and policy solutions for decarbonisation, economic diversification and the promotion of green finance.
    • ESG implementation
      Developing a global ESG taxonomy will enhance progress in building ESG into all areas of economic, trade and financial activity.
    • The management of stranded assets
      One of the key challenges facing the global energy transition to renewables is stranded assets, which will exert particular pressures for fossil fuel economies in Asia and the Middle East. Managing these stranded assets effectively will be key.
    • Global mechanisms
      We are assessing the promotion of sustainable practices and efforts to drive national, cross-border and international progress, such as Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism (CBAM) and key trends around carbon pricing.


    For more information about Asia House research in these areas, please contact Phyllis Papadavid, Head of Research and Advisory: phyllis.papadavid@asiahouse.co.uk

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