Stunning underwater sequences feature in 'NUOC 2030' set in future Vietnam affected by climate change

The film 'NUOC 2030', written and directed by Vietnamese-American Nghiem-Minh Nguyen-Vo, is set in a not-too-distant future Vietnam where climate change has resulted in the submersion of over half the country’s farmland.

Sunday 29 March

15.30 - 17.30

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Asia House Film Festival to screen Uzbek Red Western

Adapting the gritty nihilism of Sergio Leone’s Spaghetti Westerns to local landscapes, Uzbek director Ali Khamraev's The Seventh Bullet unfolds during the Basmachi Revolt of the 1920s, in which Communist reformers sought to suppress an uprising by the Muslim peoples of Central Asia.

Sunday 29 March

18.00 - 19.30

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Film Festival to host UK premiere of film about punks in Myanmar

This award-winning documentary 'Yangon Calling – Punk in Myanmar' filmed secretly in the former military dictatorship using hidden cameras, provides a rare portrait of these rebels who really did have a cause as they stood up against what was an authoritarian regime. The film introduces us to their homes, their friends, their families, and their hidden world of rehearsal rooms and illicit concerts.

Tuesday 31 March

19.00 - 22.00

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Asia House Film Festival has begun showcasing 14 premieres from Asia

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The seventh annual Asia House Film Festival opened on Friday at the Ham Yard Theatre and continues until 31 March 2015. It features three European premieres, eight UK premieres and three London premieres.

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Asia House Film Festival 2015 focuses on new generation of filmmakers

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The festival's artistic director Jasper Sharp explains how this year's festival focuses on new generations of filmmakers, new characters and new production techniques emerging in Asia.

KPMG: 'Mid-tier Great Britain Inc should look at India’

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KPMG India CEO Richard Rekhy gives an interview to Asia House about the vast opportunities for British companies and investors in India in the light of a range of reforms announced in Narendra Modi's recent full year 2015 Union Budget.

Asia House hosts UK launch of Asian Development Bank's flagship report

More to follow...

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Developing Asia will grow at 6.3% in 2015 and 2016 supprted by falling oil prices and a recovery in major industrial economies. These were among the findings presented by Juzhong Zhuang, Asian Development Bank's Deputy Chief Economist, when he launched Asian Development Outlook 2015 at Asia House.

The Renminbi is set to become one of the world's top three global currencies

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China's official currency the Renminbi (RMB) is set to join the US dollar and the Euro as one of the world's top three global currencies. The offshore RMB is now one of the fastest growing currency markets in the world for cross-border trade, finance and direct investment. As RMB moves to full convertibility over the next few years, a vast range of new opportunities will emerge for businesses across the world. HSBC's 2015 RMB Internationalisation Survey explores the drivers of current usage and forecasts the drivers for future use.

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How private-sector transformation could shift Japan's trajectory

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Two lost decades have taken a toll on Japan’s competitiveness, but a new McKinsey Global Institute report, 'The future of Japan: Reigniting productivity and growth', highlights potential avenues for growth and renewal, emphasising areas where the private sector can take the lead.

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Singapore after Lee

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Was Lee Kuan Yew correct in arguing that unless democracy is preceded by disciplined economic development, Asian countries risk slipping into political chaos? Read about how Singapore inspired Beijing and Lee Kuan Yew's decades of influence, including his influence on ASEAN. Should other Asian countries follow the Singapore model?


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    KPMG India CEO Richard Rekhy sees opportunities for the UK in Modi's 2015 Union Budget.

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    Lucy Tomlinson will raise Asia House's profile and promote our events.

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    Small Yellow Field/Tau Seru, Autonomous + Kings of

    29/03/15 13:30

    A Swedish short and two UK premieres set in India.

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  • Still from Vietnamese film NUOC (2030), which will be screened during the Asia House Film Festival 2015

    NUOC 2030

    29/03/15 15:30

    A film set in a future Vietnam where climate change has resulted submersion of much of the farmland.

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  • The Seventh Bullet

    The Seventh Bullet / Sedmaya Pulya

    29/03/15 18:00

    A stunning Red Western by Uzbek director Ali Khamraev.

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