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Become a corporate member of Asia House to connect with our extensive network and engage with business and political leaders from the UK and Asia.

To join contact Charlie Humphreys, Asia House Director of Corporate Affairs.

"Thank you very much for the hospitality extended to the Philippine delegation. Your distinguished members have truly demonstrated the bigness of their hearts and their wisdom. We truly appreciate this and would like to return the same in the future."
Greg Domingo, Secretary, Department of Trade & Industry, Philippines

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Support the Asia House Mission

Corporate members show that they support the better understanding between Europe and Asia through their support of our Business & Policy, and Arts & Learning programmes.

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"On behalf of the International Bank of Azerbaijan I am honored to join Asia House. I am sure that it will strengthen relations not only between 2 institutions but between two countries. I wish all the best to both sides."

Jahangir Hajiyev, Chairman of the Board of International Bank of Azerbaijan

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"As always an interesting group of people and a rigorous discussion. Asia House is a wonderful venue to promote the advantages of Emerging Markets in general and Asia in particular."

Sir Win Bischoff, Chairman, Lloyds Banking Group

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News & Views

  • 2014 is a key year for Turkey’s EU accession negotiations


    We see the future of Turkey as being a full member of the EU, says the Turkish Ambassador to the UK.

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  • Asia House appoints a new Corporate Membership Manager


    Asia House has announced the appointment of Vivi Qi as Corporate Membership Manager.

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  • Asia House welcomed the Deputy Prime Minister of Vietnam


    Asia House welcomed a delegation from Vietnam led by the Deputy Prime Minister HE Mr Vu Van Ninh.

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What's on

  • Asia House Private Briefing

    Exclusive Briefing on South Korea

    29/04/14 08:00

    HE Mr Sungnam Lim and Samir Brikho will join our Corporate Members for a private briefing.

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  • Stock Image Business Conference

    New Frontiers in China Trade & Investment

    19/05/14 09:00

    Examine China’s growing influence in Asia with insights from business leaders.

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Asia House corporate members recognise that the future of business growth and investment will rely heavily on understanding and connecting with Asia. Members are offered special events and exclusive programmes that allow them the opportunity to better understand Asia and engage with senior influencers in Europe-Asia relations.

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