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  • Driving commercial and political engagement between Asia, the Middle East and Europe

    Industry figures gain insights on Gulf-Asia trade during Asia House research briefing

    Published On: 29 November 2022

    The findings of Asia House’s new report, ‘The Middle East Pivot to Asia 2022’, were explored in detail during an Asia House research briefing today (29 November).

    Freddie Neve, Senior Middle East Associate at Asia House and lead author of the report, shared insights on trade and investment trends between the Gulf and Asia during the briefing, convened exclusively for a specially invited audience.

    Neve shared a presentation outlining the key findings of the report, which identifies a notable shift in the Gulf’s global trade dynamics, before unpacking the research further during a discussion with Zhouchen Mao, Head of Research and Advisory at Asia House.

    The digital conversation was then opened up, with participants from a range of industries around the world putting their questions to Neve and Mao.

    Issues discussed included the sectors and geographies driving the shift in Gulf-Asia trade; areas where there is particular political will for investment; and the impact of Russian oil exports to Asia on Gulf economies. The impact of China’s economic slowdown on the Gulf and India’s role in the region’s pivot to Asia were also discussed in the off-the-record briefing, which aimed to give participants a clearer understanding of this key trend in the global economy.

    Asia House’s research briefings are a new initiative aimed at promoting direct engagement between our research team and corporate network on the topics of Asia House’s research output. To find out more, or to request access to upcoming briefings, please contact Jonathan Smith, Corporate Affairs Manager: jonathan.smith@asiahouse.co.uk


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